PDO Slopes of Meliton

PGI Sithonia


Greece and the wine sector have been going hand in hand for millennia; it goes without saying that in a land where this divine gift of the vineyard enhances its history and culture, a vast wine – growing and well – rooted tradition is established with a promising future to look forward to.

The country’s heritage in wine

Greece has an ancient wine-growing and wine-making tradition and centuries of experience and heritage.

The Greek vineyards

Greece has a broad diversity of soil, microclimate, altitude, and orientation.

The area

As the visitor approaches the western side of Sithonia in Halkidiki, they face picturesque scenery that has already captivated them, thanks to its uniqueness.

Varieties of “PDO Slopes of Meliton”

The southwest slopes of the area of Meliton, with its excellent combination of altitude (200-300m) of territorial composition and climate, create the ideal conditions for the cultivation of fine varieties, such as Assyrtiko, Athiri and Roditis. With the proportion of co-combined varieties being 50% Athiri, 35% Roditis, 15% Assyrtiko, we end up having a range of high-quality white wines.


The wines “PDO Slopes of Meliton” derives exclusively from the wine-growing zone, located on the western side of the Sithonia peninsula, extending to an altitude zone that starts at 100 and reaches to 350 meters.


The wines PGISithonia are produced within the wine-growing zone, located in the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Sithonia of the Region of Central Macedonia. Regarding the climate profile of the Sithonia peninsula, it contains all the typical characteristics of the Mediterranean

From Homer and Aristotle to today’s wine lovers, Greek wines have been and still are an excellent field of exploration. From the practices of the ancient Greeks to the innovations of modern wine growers, from the primordial varieties to the integration of new varieties, experience, nature, know-how, become part of wine – and this in turn, part of our lives.