The wines “PDO Slopes of Meliton” derives exclusively from the wine-growing zone, located on the western side of the Sithonia peninsula, extending to an altitude zone that starts at 100 and reaches to 350 meters.

The climate is considered as the typical Mediterranean one, usually mild with minor rainfall, mild winters and cool, sunny summers. The average day and night temperature during the summer varies between 31°C and 18°C respectively, with sunshine exceeding 10 hours per day. The average annual rainfall is around 500 mm, with the largest frequency percentage observed between December and April.

The sea has a significant impact on coastal vineyards, since it reduces any possible flare-ups of temperature – especially during the hot hours of the summer months. Its contribution to the creation of a favorable microclimate, combined with proper illumination for the vines are all significant factors that promote grapes to ripen more smoothly. These factors vary as the altitude increases, since the average daily temperature decreases by 0.5 to 0.9°C per 100m in altitude, which is the main factor affecting the climate of semi-mountainous vineyards.

Oenological practices “PDO Slopes of Meliton”

The white dry wine “PDO Slopes of Meliton” is produced by the method of prezymotic extraction. This is followed by static de-escalation and infusion with pure selected yeasts – whose role is to give off the elegant, formal aro – ma – while the temperature during alcoholic fermenta – tion does not exceed 20°C.

In terms of their characteristics, white wines have a bright yellow hue, aroma of white fruits and citrus fruits, balanced taste, medium volume body and aromatic af – tertaste. The red dry wine “Slopes of PDO” is produced by the classic method of red wining. The alcohol fermen – tation of grape pulp and wine in fermentation after the separation from grape marks takes place at controlled temperatures of less than 30°C.

Red wines have a characteristic deep purple color, clean and complex aromatic peak, rich and full presence with long aromatic aftertaste.

Varieties of “PDO Slopes of Meliton”

The southwest slopes of the area of Meliton, with its excellent combination of altitude (200-300m) of territorial composition and climate, create the ideal conditions for the cultivation of fine varieties, such as Assyrtiko, Athiri and Roditis. With the proportion of co-combined varieties being 50% Athiri, 35% Roditis, 15% Assyrtiko, we end up having a range of high-quality white wines.

At the top of red wine varieties, there is no other than the well – known Greek Limnio. The oldest variety in the world (the ‘Limnia grape’ refers to the ‘Name’ of Polydefkis), whose starting point was the area of Kalampaki of Limnos (this is why the islanders refer to Limnio as Kalampaki). Overcoming its narrow borders, it was spread rapidly since antiquity, throughout Northern Greece, finding fertile ground in various parts of it, while ensuring its dominant presence on the domestic road map. Limnio is accompanied by Cabernet Sauignon and Cabernet Franc, two varieties of superior quality, which have been ideally adapted to the cool slopes of the area, positioned between 300 and 400m. Through a well-thought-out and well-balanced ratio, Limnio dominates with 70%, with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc accounting for the remaining 30%