The wines PGISithonia are produced within the wine-growing zone, located in the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Sithonia of the Region of Central Macedonia. Regarding the climate profile of the Sithonia peninsula, it contains all the typical characteristics of the Mediterranean: Plenty of sunshine, a few rainfalls, cool but sunny summers – the average maximum daily temperature in July and August is around 26°C – and atriums, mild winters – the average minimum temperature is above 0°C. Although the weather changes are more pronounced from the south to the north, any extreme manifestations – such as frost or excessively high temperatures – or sudden weather fluctuations are absent.

With regard to the other climate indicators, the average annual rainfall is 500-600 mm (a value that coincides with the limits of the parameters given for the region) with most rains observed from early autumn to the end of spring (October to April). As for sunshine during summertime, it exceeds 10 hours a day. Finally, the winds blowing in the area are described mainly as north-northeast, with the exception of the south winds observed during the summer.

Oenological practices “PGI Sithonia”

The white dry wine P.G.I. Sithonia is produced on the basis of modern technology for the production of white wine, with the temperature during alcoholic fermenta – tion not exceeding 20°C.

What is so special in these white wines is their bright white-yellow color, the fragrant peak of flowers and fruits, the balanced and rich flavor as well as the aro – matic aftertaste.

The red dry wine P.G.I. Sithonia is produced according to the classical method of red wine-tasting. Red wines are distinctive for their deep purple color, the clean and complex aromatic peak, their rich fullness and the pro – longed aromatic aftertaste.

Varieties "PGI Sithonia"

Their ideal location and climate allow prosperous cultiva – tion along the coastal and semi-mountainous vineyards of the region a series of fine -foreign and native – vine varieties, which offer us excellent wines of high quality.

The white dry wine P.G.I. Sithonia is produced in 60% of grapes of the Malagouzia variety, a rare native white variety with remarkable dynamics. The remaining 40% is covered by the permitted and recommended varieties by law.

The red dry wine P.G.I. Sithonia is produced from the grapes of the variety Syrah at 60%; foreign variety, but adapted immediately mainly due to the coastal location of the vineyards. As far as the remaining 40% is con – cerned, this is covered by the permitted and recom – mended varieties by law.