The country’s heritage in wine

Greece and the wine sector have been going hand in hand for millennia; it goes without saying that in a land where this divine gift of the vineyard enhances its history and culture, a vast wine – growing and well – rooted tradition is established with a promising future to look forward to.

The Greek wine – making culture is not occasional or random and there is no greater proof for this than the deep knowledge on every step it makes; from cultivation, wine production, legislation for this sector to trading and of course the art of wine itself. The starting point of this long and vivid heritage is by all means attributed to our very ancient ancestors. The prominent position of wine in ancient Greece is documented by a number of elements: from the first designations of origin, the relevant writings, to the presence and importance of winemakers. Of course, the continuation of this long history could not be witnessed to this day without the invaluable documents of our ancient legacy mention – among other things – the famous wines with the place names Toroni, Akanthos, and Olympus. Wine products, which could be considered as modern ancestors, were born in the currently legislated Designation of Origin «Slopes of Meliton» of Superior Quality.