The area

As the visitor approaches the western side of Sithonia in Halkidiki, they face picturesque scenery that has already captivated them, thanks to its uniqueness. That makes perfect sense, since the 4,750 acres of the largest organic Greek vineyard – and one of the largest in Europe and the Balkans – dominate the slopes of the evergreen Mount Meliton. An amphitheatre – shaped surge of greenery, flowing through the turquoise waters of the Toronaios Bay, gathered in a palette of immeasurable beauty.

Six decades ago – around 1960 – the first plantings of vines and olive groves began. The design is led by professors of the Thessaloniki University Agricultural School, with the key contribution of the Professor of the University of Bordeaux, Mr. Emile Peynaud, who is considered the “father” of the coexistence and adaptation of Cabernet Sauvignon to the limestone soils of the vineyard – a coexistence with excellent results and a plethora of awards and distinctions; the result of the first, conclusive systematic study of the suitability of foreign varieties in Greece.

With respect to the finesses and image of the natural environment, a wine-growing zone of excellent ecological conditions was created. Any area covered in forests remained intact, with the trees playing the vital role of a natural fence that seals the evening humidity of the atmosphere, thus helping the vine to withstand the hot summer days.

Thus, the vineyard of “PDO Slopes of Meliton” was a role model and landmark in the domestic winery map, since it combined and still does the great respect towards natural beauty and balance of the Slopes of Meliton, along with the outstanding practices of organic viticulture.