The Greek vineyards

The Greek relief, due to both its character and its geo – graphical location, presents an exciting profile; the in – comparable diversity of the soil, microclimate, altitudes and orientations justifies the characterization of Greek wines as terroir. The Greek vineyards have always been one step ahead, from the edgy peaks up to the Aegean coasts, there is a mosaic-like combination of varieties, formed and divided into four major categories; moun – tainous and semi-mountainous, coastal, continental and volcanic.

The former hold the lion’s share, especially with re – gard to wines by the name of their origin, given that almost all Greek wine production areas are located in semi-mountainous and mountainous areas. Such an area is also the semi-mountainous sloping grounds with their characteristic microclimate that hosts the vineyards which compose the finest Superior Quality “PDO Slopes of Meliton”.